Higher Education Institutions

A consortium with a mix of experienced and less experienced Higher Education Institutions from the West Balkans in matters related to ERASMUS+ from Albania, Kosovo* and Motenegro, North Macedonia and an ERASMUS member country will implement the project. The consortium is composed of:

  • “Logos” University College

    Located in Tirana, Albania, is a distinguished partner and leading institution in the ROAMING project. They are strongly dedicated to education, research, and innovation. Their main goal is to help individuals grow and transform themselves. They work hard to ensure their students succeed in a globalized world while focusing on having an inclusive community and offering a wide range of academic services.

    “Logos” University College, is the leader of the First Work Package of ROAMING project. The International Office of the institution is a team of professionals with extensive experience in international projects, which makes them ideal leaders for a project such as ROAMING.

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  • POLIS University

    Located in Tirana, Albania, is a valued partner of our project and is a leading institution that excels in scientific excellence and innovation through both scientific and applied research. They are committed to advancing knowledge and promoting creative and comprehensive competence through academic education.
    POLIS University is a leader of Work Package 2, of the ROAMING project, namely (Re) Configuration of IROs. The institution’s International Office comprises a highly experienced team of professionals, making them a great partner for an initiative like the ROAMING Project

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  • The University of Western Macedonia (UoWM)

    Located in Greece, is a dynamic institution that has made remarkable strides since its establishment. With 22 Departments spread across five cities in West Macedonia region, UoWM is redefining its role and status within the Greek academic landscape through innovative processes, curricula, functions, and attitudes.
    With the incredible experience of being a part of more than 700 projects, UoWM brings a wealth of invaluable experience and expertise to the table, thus making it a perfect partner for the ROAMING Project and a great leader for Work Package 3: Development and Enhancement of IROs.

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  • The International University of Struga

    Located in Struga, North Macedonia, brings its extensive expertise and knowledge in teaching, research, and academic programs that ensure the highest standards of education and foster an inclusive and engaging learning experience. With a strong foundation in higher education, IUST provides a nurturing environment where individuals can explore their potential and transform aspirations into reality.
    The institution’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and academic programs ensures the highest standards of education and a great partnership in a collaborative international project such as ROAMING.

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  • IBCM

    An esteemed partner of the ROAMING project, located in Mitrovica, Kosovo is an exceptional higher education institution that offers practice-oriented professional education. Its core mission is to enhance employability through innovative study programs that emphasize practical skills, while simultaneously fostering economic development within the region. IBCM serves as a unifying force, bridging together diverse ethnic groups in Mitrovica and promoting harmonious coexistence through education.
    Renowned for its extensive experience in international projects, IBCM oversees Work Package 4: Quality Assurance

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  • RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

    Located in Prishtina, Kosovo, stands as a distinguished institution that equips students with the skills and knowledge to become real-life problem solvers in both traditional and emerging fields. RIT Kosovo is driven by a dual objective of encouraging its students to actively contribute to the development of a democratic and prosperous country while also ensuring their competitiveness on a global scale. The degrees earned by RIT Kosovo students hold international recognition, enabling them to pursue career opportunities beyond the borders of Kosovo and the region.

    As part of the Roaming project, RIT Kosovo brings its expertise by leading Work Package 5: Dissemination. This way RIT Kosovo is contributing to the project’s success and advancing the goals of international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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  • Mediterranean University Podgorica,

    Founded in 2006, Mediterranean University Podgorica, located in Podgorica, Montenegro, is a prestigious private university and the first of its kind in Montenegro. With a decade of experience in higher education, they offer a wide range of study programs, including undergraduate, specialist, master’s, and doctoral studies.

    With a wealth of experience in international cooperation, Mediterranean University Podgorica is a valuable addition to our project. Their supervision of international mobilities and dedication to fostering collaborations make them a valued partner for the ROAMING Project.

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