POLIS University

Located in Tirana, Albania, is a valued partner of our project and is a leading institution that excels in scientific excellence and innovation through both scientific and applied research. They are committed to advancing knowledge and promoting creative and comprehensive competence through academic education.
POLIS University is a leader of Work Package 2, of the ROAMING project, namely (Re) Configuration of IROs. The institution’s International Office comprises a highly experienced team of professionals, making them a great partner for an initiative like the ROAMING Project

  • Flora Krasniqi

    Flora Krasniqi obtains a doctoral degree in economic sciences. She has achieved impressive experience in managing international projects, particularly as the Head of the International Unit and Projects at POLIS University since 2016. Her extensive experience in coordinating various projects, including Erasmus, Tempus, and Horizon 2020/Europe projects, and many other nationally and internationally funded projects, demonstrates her ability to handle diverse and complex projects.
    Furthermore, her role as a Coordinator for Erasmus Exchange for staff and students has allowed her to facilitate international exchanges and collaborations, further strengthening her networking abilities. Her broad portfolio in management and acquisition of projects in the last 10 years shows her expertise in this field. Her focus on the intersection of sustainability and innovation, as well as her interest in promoting collaboration between universities and businesses, improves that she has a strong practical and interdisciplinary approach to addressing challenges. As a lecturer, she is also well-equipped to help students develop the skills necessary to conduct research and communicate their findings effectively

  • Paola Iljazi

    Paola Iljazi is a researcher with a background in innovation and technology management. While pursuing her Master’s degree at the Technical University of Munich, she was involved in SCALINGS, a Horizon Europe project focused on developing new co-creative solutions for the dissemination of responsible innovation. As of 2022, she is part of the Innovation Factory at Polis University, working on fostering quadruple-helix collaborations among innovation stakeholders in the local context.

  • Elona Karafili

  • Manjola Hoxha