Quality Monitoring Action Plan

International Business College – Mitrovica (IBCM) as the leading partner of the Quality Assurance work package for the ROAMING (Strengthening International Student and Staff Mobility Offices in Western Balkans) Project has developed the Quality Monitoring Action Plan.

The purpose of the Quality Monitoring Action Plan is to define the actions and measures that have to be taken by each partner within a consortium with the aim to ensure that, not only the activities described in the application are completed according to the Work Plan, but also to ensure that the quality of these activities is at the appropriate standard and in line with the QA procedures in EU universities, as well as in compliance with the contractual requirements of the Project.

This document has been drafted by IBC-M as lead beneficiary of Work Package 4 titled as quality of the project. This document itself is a key component to determine the quality of the

project implementation and it targets the members of the ROAMING General Management,

Project Management Committee, Quality Monitoring Committee and members of Administrative Management.

The purpose of Quality Monitoring Action Plan is:

  • to provide assurance that the project is being conducted appropriately and in compliance with the project application, and decided regulations and standards;
  • to provide a project reference document of the quality assurance, control procedures and standards applicable to the project;
  • to describes the projects standards, procedures, techniques and tools that will be used to ensure the quality of its outputs throughout the project life.

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