ROAMING Project Advances: Successful Launch of Specialized Trainings

In a significant stride towards enhancing international collaboration in higher education, the ROAMING Project has officially commenced its series of specialized trainings. Developed collaboratively by the University of Wester Macedonia in Greece (UOWM) and the International University of Struga (IUST) in Northern Macedonia, these sessions aim to fortify the capacities of International Relations Offices (IROs) across partnering institutions.

The comprehensive training program consists of five distinct sessions, each tailored to address specific aspects of IRO enhancement. The topics include:

  • IRO Management and Mobility Projects’ Application Process
  • Selection Process for Students & Staff both Academic & Administrative
  • Student and Staff Support Strategies through Mobilities
  • International Credit Mobility Transfer, Recognition Principles, and Processes
  • Mobility for Internships/Apprenticeships; ERASMUS Buddy System Institutionalization and Implementation

The syllabi, presentations, and training materials for these sessions have been meticulously compiled by members of UOWM and IUST. These materials promise to enrich participants with the knowledge and skills vital for navigating the complex landscape of international education, specifically focused on the above mentioned topics.

In late November 2023, the first two trainings unfolded at Kolegji Universitar LOGOS in Tirana, Albania, courtesy of POLIS University. Dr. Eleni Griva and Christina Petaloti, MSc from UOWM, spearheaded the inaugural session on IRO Management and Mobility Project Applications. Subsequently, Lirinda Vako, MSc, and Nazmije Berko-Zabzun, MSc from IUST, led the second session on the Selection Process for Students & Staff.

Participants included IRO Heads from partner institutions such as LOGOS University, POLIS University, IBCM, RIT Kosovo, and Mediterranean University, alongside other key leadership representatives. The sessions witnessed fruitful discussions, with approximately 30 in-person attendees and 10 virtual participants showcasing a commitment to adapting professional practices for an enhanced IRO in anticipation of European integration.

As the ROAMING Project unfolds, stay tuned for updates on additional training sessions in the coming months. The commitment to technological advancements and a collaborative approach highlights the dedication of all participants to fostering a dynamic and integrated European higher education landscape.

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