RIT Kosovo hosted two trainings on developing international relations offices of partner higher education institutions and more

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K.) had the pleasure of hosting our ROAMING partners on March 4th and 5th for training sessions pertaining to Work Package 3 – Development and Enhancement of IROs. Throughout the training, partners gained insight into student and staff support from our trainers from the University of West Macedonia, Ms. Aikaterinni Blanta and Ms. Malamati Tzonou. Participants learned more about supporting students, academic, and administrative staff before, during, and after a mobility. We also reviewed case studies and held interesting discussions on the material covered throughout the day. Additionally, we had the pleasure of having Ms. Nazmije Merko and Ms. Semra Bujari from IUST host trainings on ICM transfer and recognition principles and processes. Participants learned more about the international credit transfer system, credit transfer and recognition processes, recognition principles and processes with a specific focus on key protocols. Over the course of two days, all participants learned more about how we can enhance our IROs and realize key milestones for the ROAMING project moving forward.

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