ROAMING Project News: Successful Two-Day Training in Podgorica

June 2024
We are delighted to report the successful completion of the two-day training event held in Podgorica as part of the ROAMING Project. This event was designed to provide valuable insights and practical skills to IRO heads, academic staff, and students, fostering collaboration and innovation.
Day 1: Training for IRO Heads and Academic Staff
The first day was dedicated to training IRO heads and academic staff on mobility for internships and apprenticeships. The day began with a warm welcome and opening remarks by our hosting partners, setting the stage for a productive session. Participants were introduced to the training course, which focused on enhancing their understanding of mobility processes.
The training included an in-depth session on the different stages of mobility – before, during, and after – which provided a comprehensive overview of what to expect and how to manage each phase effectively. This was followed by an open discussion, allowing participants to share their experiences and ask questions.
In the afternoon, a presentation and group work on case studies enabled participants to apply the concepts learned in the morning sessions. The interactive group work fostered teamwork and critical thinking, culminating in another open discussion to wrap up the day.
Day 2: Training for Students on the ERASMUS Buddy System
The second day focused on training students on the ERASMUS Buddy System, emphasizing its institutionalization and implementation. The day began with an introduction to the training course, followed by an insightful session on the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and the Buddy System. Students learned about the benefits and structure of the Buddy System and how it can enhance their mobility experience.
Participants then had the opportunity to meet representatives from ESN Western Macedonia, who shared their experiences and best practices. This session was particularly valuable for students, offering them a chance to network and gain insights from their peers.
The afternoon included a presentation and group work on case studies, where students worked together to address common challenges and develop solutions. The day concluded with an open discussion and wrap-up of activities, providing a platform for students to reflect on their learning and share their thoughts.

The two-day training in Podgorica was a significant success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and active engagement of all attendees.
We are excited to build on this success and look forward to organizing more such enriching events in the future. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved!

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