ROAMING Project kicked-off

In an exciting development for the field of academic exchange opportunities, the ROAMING project recently held its Kick Off and First General Management meetings. The project, which aims to strengthen staff & student mobility internationally, specifically to increase the number of less privileged students, staff and faculty that are involved in international mobilities.

The ROAMING project, co-funded by the European Union, brings together a consortium of leading organizations and experts in the field. The collaboration includes renowned academic institutions: Kolegji Universitar Logos together with Polis University, University of Western Macedonia, International University Of Struga, IBCM – International Business College Mitrovica, RIT Kosovo and Mediterranean University all working towards a common goal: strengthen capacities of their respective International Relations Offices.

The Kick Off meeting, held on March 22-24, 2023, marked the official start of the project. During this event, representatives from the consortium partners gathered to lay the groundwork for the project’s objectives, discuss the allocation of resources, and establish a shared vision. The meeting also served as an opportunity to define the key milestones and deliverables that will guide the project’s progress in the coming months.

The consortium of seven partners held the Kick-Off meeting of the project at the LOGOS premises in Tirana on March 22-24 of 2023. During the kick-off meeting the participants managed to finalize:

  • Signing of the consortium agreement by all partners
  • Compilation of the needs and wants assessment document
  • Finalization and approval of the project management plan.

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